When Apple (AAPL) introduced the iPhone 5s earlier this month, one of the features it touted was Touch ID, a fingerprint-scanner built into the home button at the bottom of the device. Users may simply touch the home button to unlock their phone and even authenticate iTunes purchases, instead of inputting a custom 4-digit passcode used by previous iPhones.苹果(Apple)本月初公布了新款iPhone 5s,Touch ID技术是其中备受瞩目的新特性之一。这项技术可利用内置放Home键中的指纹扫瞄设备加密手机。用户只需触摸屏Home键就能关卡手机,甚至还能在iTunes上消费,而在此之前,用户必需再行在手机上输出四位数的关卡码。

But just how secure is Touch ID, really? Is it a nifty gimmick, or truly better security for user data?不过,Touch ID功能知道安全可靠吗?它到底是可有可无的新奇玩意,还是用户能确实可以信赖的安全性管家?Likely the latter. According to Marc Rogers, a security researcher for the mobile security startup Lookout, Apples implementation of fingerprint scanning trumps the old method for myriad reasons. Across both Android (GOOG) and iOS devices, just over 50% of users use the four-digit passcode feature. Having it boosts security, but it also seems many just cant be bothered with wasting a few seconds each time to log in. People see them as barriers, and they try to avoid having too many barriers, explains Rogers.我看是后者为主。移动安全性新创企业Lookout公司的安全性研究员马克罗杰斯回应,苹果的指纹扫瞄技术在方方面面战胜传统加密方法。多达,仅有一半多的Android和iOS用户在用于四位数字关卡码。

虽然关卡码能提升安全系数,但许多用户都不不愿在登岸前花几秒钟的时间来输出密码。罗杰斯说明说道:“解码锁住被人们看作是一种障碍,而人们不会有意识地防止过多的障碍。”Touch ID should make the process easier, at least in theory. Initially, users have to to set up the feature by having their fingerprint scanned and stored on the device — a process that takes several moments. From every instance on, unlocking the phone means simply pressing the home button as one normally would. If thats the case, more iOS users are likely to turn the feature on. It doesnt add a pesky extra step in everyday user experience: just touch and go.Touch ID能让这个过程更为非常简单,最少从理论上是这样。

用户只需在用于前花费少许时间,扫瞄和存储指纹才可。以后,用户只必须像日常用于一样,用力触碰一下Home键就能关卡手机。如果Touch ID知道能超过如此效果,我想要绝大部分iOS用户都会乐意用于这项新功能。

用户完全没减少任何用于成本:只要用力页面才可。As for the tech itself, Rogers explains fingerprint scanning as a whole is more secure than the four-digit passcode. Copying someones fingerprints remains a cumbersome process, not to mention pricey — as much as $200, 000, by some estimates. And at the risk of sounding morbid, using severed fingers apparently isnt an option either. (However, cat paws work.) Which is to say, that barring a targeted hack, iPhone 5s owners should rest assured their data is just as secure as it ever was.罗杰斯回应,就整体而言,指纹扫瞄技术的安全系数要低于传统的四位关卡码。即使在今天,拷贝指纹仍然是一项出现异常简单的工作,更加不要说道它高昂的成本——有人估计每次成本高约20万美元。


)这就是说,除非遭遇有针对性的反击,不然Touch ID绝不比之前的安全性技术劣,iPhone 5S用户几乎可以安心。Its your phone — were not launching missiles here, jokes Bruce Schneier, a security technologist. Were looking for a little bit of security, and I think Touch ID is a really great idea for that.安全性专家布鲁斯施耐尔嘲讽说道:“大家的手机里又会有什么国家机密,对普通人而言,Touch ID的安全性充足了。